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 HEALTH and fitness

the white water Workout

By Men's journal


Professional whitewater kayaker Brad Ludden has made over 100 first descents in places like Madagascar and Sumatra. Now as co-founder of Stoke Broker, an elite guiding service, Ludden leads expeditions and outrageous custom adventures in unforgettable places. One of his next is a return to the Grand Canyon. "Any time I'm getting ready to go on an expedition or lead an adventure, I make sure I'm prepared physically," Ludden says. "Read More...


















 the Best For our guest

By jack black


Back in 2000, Curran Dandurand, her husband Jeff, and Emily Dalton founded Jack Black as a response to a void in the skin care marketplace. At that time few, if any, companies were creating premium quality, high-performance, easy-to-use grooming products for men. The name Jack Black, coined before the popularity of the comic actor, embodied the comfort and approachability of a good friend. And the packaging was designed to appeal to a masculine aesthetic.  Read More...

men beard and facial hair trends



OK, crying ‘peak beard’ earlier this year might have been a touch hasty. But what’s clear is that – while we’re not all clamouring to get clean shaven – beards are definitely lessening in bulk.


Ahead of the new year, we asked our go-to hair experts to forecast the changes in facial furniture. So, what’ll it be, sir? [Read More...]

3 advance ways to tie a bow tie

by Sven Raphael Schneider


Sven Raphael Schneider shares three ways to improve the look of your bow ties by showing you these advanced bow tying techniques that will surely make you and your outfit stand out from the crowd: View More...

 2016 resolutions

car's to drive

 BY the plunge.com


We hate New Year's Resolutions. They strike us as cheesy and obvious and trite. And a little arbitrary, no? Why not March 17th Resolutions or St. Patrick's Day Resolutions? After all, you're pretty much the same dude on January 1st as you were on December 31st, just a little older, Read More...


10  Luxury Sports Cars for 2016

By  Benjamin Hunting

Luxury sports cars bridge two worlds by offering outstanding performance without asking you to pay a comfort penalty to get it. It seems like with each passing year the list of the best luxury sports cars gets that much longer, with automakers the world over seeking out the healthy Read More....


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